<G1> The competition will be strictly against cheating and will be a no technology competition. Meaning that any electronic devices will not be allowed for usage.

<G1.1> Cellphones, laptops, smart watches, tablets, palm pilots, and any other form of technology will not be permitted for use.

<G1.2> Giving answers, or getting answers from other teams or non-competing members will result in consequences such as disqualification for both teams.

<G2> Cheat sheets are permitted for use during the competition. A valid cheat sheet fits all categories below:

<G2.1> Cheat sheet must be an official Science Bowl cheat sheet

<G2.1.1>You may access the cheat sheet here

<G2.1.2> If you are caught using an unofficial cheat sheet, the cheat sheet will be confiscated and the team could be disqualified.

<G2.2> Must be A4 paper size

<G2.3> Writing must be inside the grey lines of the paper

<G2.4> Only one cheat sheet is permitted per team

<G2.5> You may use pen ink or pencil. No digital printing allowed.

<G3> To be eligible for science bowl you need to

<G3.1> Be in Grade 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 in the month of the competition.

<G3.2> Have a team of 2-4 people competing

<G3.3> Have completed registration

<G3.3.1> Have the forms filled out

<G3.3.2> Fully paid for all team members

<G4> It is expected that teams only utilise the materials given to them for the second round of the competition

<G4.1> Any team that requires additional materials will have a point defecit for the round

<G4.2> Any team caught with additional unauthorized materials will have their team disqualified from the round, awards, and even the entire competition

<G5> Treat everyone with respect. All Teams are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while competing. If a Team or any of its members are disrespectful or uncivil to event staff, volunteers, or fellow competitors, they may be disqualified. Team conduct pertaining to may also impact a team’s eligibility for judged awards. Repeated or extreme violations could result in a Team being Disqualified from an entire event, depending on the severity of the situation.

<G5.1> It is important that we all exhibit maturity and class when dealing with any difficult situations that may present themselves in.